20180911_163524Eat Cleaner has quickly become my new favorite product to clean fruit and vegetables with.  Seriously, this stuff is amazing.  Do you ever wash your ‘pre-washed’ lettuce?  If you don’t, you should.  After the most recent lettuce E-Coli outbreak that was enough for me to wash every piece of produce that I bring in to our home.  (If you didn’t hear about the big E-Coli outbreak click HERE.)

I first discovered Eat Cleaner thru Chalene Johnson’s 131 Method Program.  Eat Cleaner was featured on a Facebook and Instagram Live.  Founder, Mareya Ibrahim, was demonstrating the product with a few of the 131 Dietitians.  The before and after washing demonstrating got me thinking…is my homemade vinegar and water wash really getting my produce clean?!  There was a discount code offered in the video so I figured what the heck I’ll give it a try and purchased the spray.

Once received in the mail my bottles sat for a few days before I gave it a try.  I don’t like to waste things and still had a bunch of my homemade vinegar and water wash.  After a few days I decided to try the Eat Cleaner spray.  Ummmmm, why did I wait?!?  No joke, in all my excitement I dumped the vinegar spray down the drain.  Yes, I realize now I could have used it to wipe counters but I was too excited and vinegar is cheap so no real loss.  Stay tuned and follow my blog for more Eat Cleaner fun!