When you find something that works for you it can feel life changing.  This is how I feel about doTERRA Essential Oils and Products.  My journey and interest in essential oils started 2015.  I was looking to change our environment and make our household less toxic.  At the time it was my 2 year old son and husband.  My son was working thru some developmental delays and was newly diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD).  If you don’t know exactly what SPD is you’ll have to Google it as I could dedicate an entire journal to SPD.  I had read that essential oils can help a child with SPD regulate and work thru emotions associated with it.  October of 2015 I reached out on the doTERRA website to see if there was anyone in my area that could help me.  There was…not only did she live less than a mile from me but was a wealth of knowledge.  I signed up soon after and started learning all I could about essential oils.

Fast forward to today and the oils and doTERRA products are an essential part of our daily routine.  I will be using this blog to share knowledge, product info and how I incorporate essential oils in to my home and life.

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